Thursday, September 18, 2008

Subscriptions Anim!Arte 2009

Send in your Animation to Anim!Arte 2009!

The best international animation done by a student (outside Brazil) will win the original Animarte´s Tropical Trophy …

Subscriptions from August 12 to October 09

For more information access our site ,
and get the subscription arquives (in English)

International student’s participation is very welcome. We are looking for this knowledge interchange, which we believe it is profitable for both sides.

Participate! You can send it in DVD, CD, Mini DV or (NTSC) Beta to:
ELS2 Comunicação– Rua (Street) Barão do Flamengo- 32 - ninth floor (nono andar)
Flamengo – Rio de Janeiro , RJ
ZIP CODE: 2222 080


Check out Animarte's site:

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